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Antique Map Price Guide No. 24: Catalogue of printed maps listed by Map-Maker/MapTitle, from 1472 to 1850. Size: 8 1/2 x 11 in. Price: $55,00. Ninth Year of Publication. Amazon UK 5-Star rating.

This catalogue of 529 pages lists almost all Western Map Makers and their printed maps from the year 1472 to 1850. It gives all their current rated values - all the maps from the 23 Antique Map Regional Price Guides. The maps are arranged in alphabetic order by Map-Maker and Map Title. Data includes current prices, date of publication, size, region and other information.Text only.

Reader Review: 'At first, I did criticise this Antique Map Price guide but as I had 213 maps to price, research and compile I got stuck into it again. As I looked at the pages, which are awesome and obviously entail an enormous amount of work, it dawned on me how to handle the search. Usually it is the first column on the left that is sorted but I found that with AMPG it was the right hand column that was sorted. So the whole world opened up to me and my searches became easy. Sorting by titles made sense and I plugged many holes in my cataloguing. Now I am a happy bunny - and finished my catalogue of 213 maps (B.Robinson).'

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Details of individual Antique Map Price Guides can be found under 'Region' above; scroll down to the relevant region and click 'Search'. Information on the Price Guides in general can be found here. Price Guide No. 24 (text-only index with current prices of all the maps in volumes 1-23, in alphabetic order by mapmaker and title) can be found here.