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Antique Maps Price Guide

Antique Map Price Guide - Volumes 1 to 24 8th Year of Publication

2018 edition now available from Amazon or Map World. Many price changes, more illustrations, more vital information. Printed on demand; this is how you can be sure you have the latest edition.

THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists the current values of all* printed maps. Values are based on importance, rarity, age, etc. and are for maps in fine-used condition i.e. undamaged and unrestored. Other vital information is also included.
THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists antique maps in date order, from 1472 to 1850, and by region, state, county etc. 

with 12,000 different map images.
DIVIDED into 23 regional volumes, covering all parts of the world. Maps are listed once only.
is available individually from Amazon in your country, or from Map World. For further details and sample pages please see under 'Region' above.
is a text-only catalogue of more than 500 pages, consisting of Mapmakers and Titles in alphabetic order. It includes the latest prices etc. More
PURCHASE THE COMPLETE SET.  Please see the Special Offer below for details.

How can collectors of antique maps know which maps to buy? Reading authoritative descriptions of selected maps offered for sale is not enough to convince collectors to spend their money. Collectors need to know the contexts of such maps within the entire range of antique maps, 80 per cent of which are not for sale on the internet at any given time.

Antique Map Price Guide gives the complete picture of antique maps, from 1472 to 1850. It contains more than 12000 images, which are roughly proportional to the sizes of maps.  It also gives their current values relative to all other maps of the same region, which collectors need to know about before making choices. These values are based on maps in fine condition (undamaged but not in mint condition). Other parameters of value include the importance of maps, their rarity and beauty and the comparable values of other maps by the same and other cartographers.

You can obtain any regional Antique Map Price Guide from Amazon France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK or USA etc. Make sure you order the Prime edition as out-of-date versions with less illustrations are also available on Amazon from re-suppliers, at higher prices. Or you can order AMPG direct from Map World - prices include delivery by UPS with tracking. Find more information on individual volumes by clicking on 'Region' above. If you wish to order a complete set of 24 volumes, please see the Special Offer below.

Here are just a few ways in which AMPG can point you in the right direction. The first illustration below shows 2 sea charts of the North African coast by Van Keulen (south to the top). But collectors of maps of the island of Crete will also desire to possess them ... if they know about them. (AMPG lists 110 different maps of Crete and 309 different maps by Van Keulen).

The second example shows Husson's map of France. But it also gives details of copies of this map, by Schenk and Ottens.The point is, one should expect to pay more for an original than for a copy ... if you know which one is the original.

The third example shows Purchas' 1625 map of China, with a 1628 variation by De Bry also illustrated. The De Bry map is based on Purchas' map - not vice versa. This may not be obvious because the date of the De Bry is sometimes listed as circa 1620. (Prices in GB£ are shown in red. Dimensions are in cm.)

The fourth example shows the role that maps play in border wars, such as in Mexico during the first half of the 19th century. As can be seen, collectors continue to attach higher values to such maps, of which there are several of Mexico during this period. (The 1848 war between Mexico and the U.S. was largely based on the map shown, on which the border was depicted incorrectly. This resulted in the only viable southern route for a U.S. transcontinental rail service crossing into Mexican territory.) (AMPG lists 270 different maps of Mexico).

You can find more information on individual volumes by clicking on region (above). The text-only Index (vol 24) contains more than 500 pages and lists all the maps and their current prices etc. from volumes 1-23. The maps are listed by map maker and map title in alphabetic order. More info on vol.24 here. 

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*Antique maps that have not been selected for AMPG include diagrammatic route maps, antique maps of parts of counties or states, maps of parts of capital cities, maps made in the Far East, maps of proposed developments, globe gores, puzzle maps, Ptolemaic maps printed after the year 1570, manuscript maps and maps of such rarity that none are known to exist in private hands. Topographical views of capital cities are not included unless they give ‘birds eye’ views of a whole city.