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Antique Maps Price Guide

Antique Map Price Guide on Flash Drive

2019 edition now available, tenth year of publication. The only reference work to list maps of all countries in the world, from 1472 to 1850. More than 15000 colour images. 

THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists the current values of maps. Values are for maps in 'fine' condition. This enables their values to be compared. ('Fine' is 'not' mint condition.)
THE ONLY CATALOGUE that comprehensively* lists antique maps in date order, from 1472 to 1850, and by region, state, county etc. so you get the complete picture of the antique maps market, with many images, including variant editions.
ARRANGED in 23 regional PDF files covering all parts of the world, plus an Index. The index lists all the maps alphabetically by Cartographer and Map Title. If desired, single searches can be carried out across all 24 files.
NOW ON FLASH DRIVE (Memory Stick) for only £27.50 including airmail postage worldwide. Plugs into many devices, strong, waterproof. Order Antique Map Price Guide here.
INCLUDES Works by Academics, Collectors and Dealers. 

The most common question asked by map collectors is, what are my maps worth? This is the purpose of Antique Map Price Guide. Firstly, it rates all maps in fine condition, which is not ‘mint’ condition but refers to maps that are undamaged and unrestored. This enables you to compare the relative importance of all the maps listed. Secondly, it rates maps according to supply and demand.Thirdly, it rates the values of maps according to factors that do not change, such as importance and rarity.

Fourthly, and just as important for map collectors, AMPG shows the complete range of antique maps available in any region and time period. Many of these maps have not been documented. For example, no reference works make separate lists of country maps in Africa, sea charts of the African coastline or individual African islands. Local museums mostly cannot afford more than a few maps of the whole of Africa, perhaps a map of the world, and a few regional maps. The same applies to all the other regions of the globe. How many collectors are aware that some of the most beautiful maps and charts are of the Azores, the Caspian Sea, Syria, Venice and West Africa, to mention a random sample?


Here is a typical collector's question solved by AMPG. Two maps of the Greek island of Corfu exist with the title 'Pianta Dell Isola Di Corfu con Parte Della Grecia'. One is by O. Dapper, published in 1688 and shown below left. But what about the other map, by A. Marmora, published earlier in 1672 with the same title. Was this map copied by Dapper? An internet check on Marmora's book, which is about Corfu and contains his map, does not reveal the map's image, which is reproduced below right. Both maps have strikingly similar geographic details. 


*Antique maps that have not been selected for AMPG include diagrammatic route maps, antique maps of parts of counties, states or capital cities, different editions of the same map, maps made in the Far East, maps of proposed developments, globe gores, puzzle maps, Ptolemaic maps printed after the year 1570 and maps of such rarity that none are known to exist in private hands. Topographical views of capital cities are not included unless they give ‘birds eye’ views of a whole city. We would be happy to consider including lists of maps in any of the above categories, or any other categories, compiled by collectors or dealers.