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Antique Maps Price Guide

Antique Map Price Guide - Volumes 1 to 24 8th Year of Publication

2017 edition now available from Amazon or Map World. Many price changes, more illustrations, more vital information. Essential for collectors and investors.

THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists the current values of all* printed maps. Values are based on importance, rarity, age, etc. and are for maps in fine-used condition i.e. undamaged and unrestored. Other vital information is also included.
THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists antique maps in date order, from 1472 to 1850, and by region, state, county etc. 

with more than 10,000 different map images.             
DIVIDED into 23 regional volumes, covering all parts of the world. Maps are listed once only.
is available individually from Amazon in your country, or from Map World. For further details and sample pages please see under 'Region' above.
is a text-only catalogue of more than 500 pages, consisting of Mapmakers and Titles in alphabetic order. It includes the latest prices etc. More

Why the need for Antique Map Price Guide? Well, take the example of a 1795 Dutch edition of a map by Captain Cook offered to you at auction for £250. Antique Map Price Guide lists the 1773 first edition retail price at £500. Which map would you rather have? Or take a map specially drawn to illustrate a specific event. You probably won't be told by the seller that this map was one of several drawn for this event by different mapmakers. Or take a decorative regional map that you cannot resist, but you are not told that it is part of a matching set of two adjacent regions.

Antique Map Price Guide also shows the increasing accuracy of maps over time, through its illustrations. These changes were rarely a smooth progression and sometimes were retrogressive. The 'progressive' maps of the 18th and later centuries are mostly undocumented. So they are undervalued by auction houses and dealers, except for famous exceptions, such as Captain Cook. For these and other reasons, you need Antique Map Price Guide.

Until now, a catalogue of all printed antique maps has not been available to collectors.  It may come as a surprise, but comprehensive listings of antique maps of many regions / islands / capital cities / counties etc. have never been compiled, or have only been compiled for maps printed before the end of the 17th century. Antique Map Price Guide lists all* maps until the mid-19th century. You can obtain any regional Antique Map Price Guide from Amazon France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK or USA etc. Or you can order it from Map World, including delivery by UPS, trackable. You can find more information on individual volumes by clicking on region (above). The text-only Index (vol 24) contains more than 500 pages and lists all the maps and their current prices etc. from volumes 1-23. The maps are listed by map maker and map title in alphabetic order. More info on vol.24 here. 

*Antique maps that have not been selected for AMPG include diagrammatic route maps, antique maps of parts of counties or states, maps of parts of capital cities, maps made in the Far East, maps of proposed developments, globe gores, puzzle maps, Ptolemaic maps printed after the year 1570, manuscript maps and maps of such rarity that none are known to exist in private hands. Topographical views of capital cities are not included unless they give ‘birds eye’ views of a whole city.

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