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Antique Maps Price Guide

Antique Map Price Guide - Volumes 1 to 24 9th Year of Publication

2018 edition now available. Vital information for antique map collectors. The only reference work to list many parts of the world e.g. maps of the world between 1700 and 1850; all parts of Italy, 1477 to 1850; all parts of the Pacific Ocean; Atlantic Ocean; Indian Ocean etc. etc. More than 15000 images.

 THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists the current values of nearly all* printed maps. Values are based on importance, rarity, age, etc. and are for maps in fine-used condition i.e. undamaged and unrestored, so that valid comparisons can be made.

THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists antique maps in date order, from 1472 to 1850, and by region, state, county etc. so you get the complete picture, with many images, including some variant editions. 

 DIVIDED into 23 regional volumes, covering all parts of the world. EACH VOLUME is available individually from Amazon in your country. 

 VOLUME 24 is a text-only catalogue of more than 500 pages, consisting of Mapmakers and Titles in alphabetic order. It includes all the 2018 prices etc. Available now as a PDF for £10. Details here. For more details of the other volumes including sample pages, please go to 'Region' above.

Antique Map Price Guide gives the complete picture of antique maps, from 1472 to 1850. Included are the current values of the more important maps, which you won't find on the internet or in old sales catalogue archives. The 24 regional volumes are printed on-demand by Amazon.

*Antique maps that have not been selected for AMPG include diagrammatic route maps, antique maps of parts of counties, states or capital cities, different editions of the same map, maps made in the Far East, maps of proposed developments, globe gores, puzzle maps, Ptolemaic maps printed after the year 1570 and maps of such rarity that none are known to exist in private hands. Topographical views of capital cities are not included unless they give ‘birds eye’ views of a whole city.