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Antique Maps Price Guide

Antique Map Price Guide - Volumes 1 to 24 9th Year of Publication

2018 edition now available. Vital information for antique map collectors. The only reference work to list many parts of the world e.g. maps of the world to 1850; all parts of Italy; all parts of the Pacific Ocean etc. etc. More than 15000 images.

 THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists the current values of nearly all* printed maps. Values are based on importance, rarity, age, etc. and are for maps in fine-used condition i.e. undamaged and unrestored, so that valid comparisons can be made.

THE ONLY CATALOGUE that lists antique maps in date order, from 1472 to 1850, and by region, state, county etc. so you get the complete picture, with many images, including some variant editions. 

 DIVIDED into 23 regional volumes, covering all parts of the world. EACH VOLUME is available individually from Amazon in your country. 

 VOLUME 24 is a text-only catalogue of more than 500 pages, consisting of Mapmakers and Titles in alphabetic order. It includes all the 2018 prices etc. Available now as a PDF for £10. Details here. For more details of the other volumes including sample pages, please go to 'Region' above.

Antique Map Price Guide gives the complete* picture of antique maps, from 1472 to 1850. Many antique maps are sold at auction, with the objective of raising cash. The buyers are mainly dealers, who re-sell them at higher prices to serious collectors. Obviously, they need to cover the costs of running their businesses. But the relationship between collector and dealer is not adversarial. Dealers need collectors to know more about their specialisations. This knowledge enables rare and important material to be recognised and price levels justified. This is just one way in which AMPG enters the picture.

Just as important though, AMPG also shows the complete range of antique maps available in a collecting field that has not been documented for many regions and time periods. For example, a few reference works exist for maps of the continent of Africa. But no reference works include maps of the individual regions and countries in Africa, not to mention maps of the individual islands surrounding this continent. The same applies to many other regions. AMPG2 includes all* maps of Ireland, Scotland, Scotland + England, England, the UK, Regions, London, geological maps, The Thames, UK islands, seas and channels and county maps. Well over 3000 different maps in all, from 1477 to 1850.