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Sets of Maps

Herman Moll, leading British cartographer.

Two beautifully engraved sea charts c1720.


West Indies.                                                                        East Indies.

Available individually. Click on the captions above for details.

Cassini's Ireland East and West.

A most decorative and unusual pair of 18th century maps showing all of Ireland.


A pair of maps by De La Feuille not often found together.

Both with contemporary colouring. California shown as an island. (For sale individually).


North America.                                                         South America.


A Pair of important North Pacific charts by La Perouse, c1788.

This explorer sent his charts back to Paris overland from Siberia, then perished.


Available individually. Russia.                                                                                                     North America.

Set of Three Nicolaes Visscher maps of Greece, c1690.

All with contemporary colour (available individually).

Crete                                                                 Greece                                                       Morea


Pair of Polar Maps by Weigel, 1724.

Nothing known about the Antarctic, so somewhat speculative.


  North Pole.                                                                                                                   South Pole.

An uncommon pair of sea charts.

Dutch editions of maps by Bellin, c1760, available individually.


North Atlantic.                                                                                                                  South Atlantic.

Maps of the Philippines by Bellin.

Originally made as a pair of different sizes, but difficult to find offered together.

Four maps illustrating 'the written word' across the globe, 1741.

Proof copies by Homann Heirs, which can be framed separately (Africa, America, Asia, Europe).

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Set of two maps of the Russian Empire, 1799.

By the well-known mapmaker John Cary.